Allied Health

Ninkatec partners with GPs, specialists and allied health providers to bring the right mix of expertise for each individual patient’s needs. We constantly broadens our partner network to serve you better wherever you are in Singapore. 

  • Specialist case management: management of cases that involve specialist treatments
  • Acute medical consultation: management of recent or rapidly evolving medical conditions
  • Chronic disease management: managing conditions that last over a long period of time that require ongoing medical attention and may limit activities of daily living
  • Surgical / medical procedures: procedures involving surgery and medicine
  • Home physiotherapy services: maximising quality of life and movement potential from home
  • Occupational therapy: activities that help with the recuperation and improve function in daily activities
  • Speech therapy: training to help patients with speech and swallowing issues to speak and eat better
  • Audiology: addressing hearing disorders and the rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments
  • Pharmacy: preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs
  • Dietician: development of diet and nutrition programs catered to the patient's needs
  • Vaccination: inoculation against a disease to produce immunity
  • Psychology and counselling services: addressing concerns and stress experienced by patients

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