Stroke Care

How Ninkatec helps stroke patients

  • Monitoring for complications: There are many possible complications that may arise after a stroke such as chest infections or pressure sores. We can help monitor for these and advise you on the appropriate actions to take.

  • Nursing support: Patients with stroke may experience difficulty in swallowing or urine elimination due to weakened muscle (paralysis). These patients may require feeding through nasogastric or PEG tubes, urinary catheters for their care. Having proper care support and caregivers equipped with the right skills and knowledge play a key role in post-stroke recovery. Ninkatec Team can assist in these ways:

    • Routine change of feeding tube/urinary catheter
    • Troubleshoot blockage and/or leakage of feeding tube/urinary catheter
    • Caregiver training on how to manage feeding tube/urinary catheter
    • Initial insertion


  • Therapy: Stroke patients often experience physical and functional limitations after a stroke illness. Ninkatec provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions for patients right at home to aid with improving individual’s functional status and perhaps complement their medical care. Services are not only aimed at a particular condition or disability, but are coordinated to address the total well-being of the individual, and needs of the family and caregiver.

If you are caring for a loved one who is recovering from a stroke at home, check out our Home Care Guide for Stroke article and Nutrition and Fitness Guide for Stroke Patients article to learn more about post-stroke rehabilitation, how to prevent a recurrent stroke, support available in Singapore for stroke patients and caregivers, and more. 

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