About Ninkatec

“Giving patients peace of mind to live meaningfully” – that is our purpose at Ninkatec. Most elderly patients and those who have terminal illness wish to receive care at home. This is not an easy task without proper guidance and expertise. At Ninkatec, we help patients to “live meaningfully” at home by supporting their care with clinical expertise and technology.

How We Work

Ninkatec strives to provide cost-effective and personalized healthcare solutions for elderly patients. Upon initial assessment of a patient’s condition by our team of clinicians, Ninkatec uses technologies to continue to monitor patients’ health at home.

In the event where an emergency alert is triggered or if any unusual activity is detected from the smart devices, Ninkatec will dispatch the necessary medical response team to attend to the patient. Also, Ninkatec call centre is staffed 24 hours a day to offer clinical advice based on the patient’s situation at any time.

Our Approach


Founded by medical specialists, Ninkatec’s founders believe in utilizing technology to create healthcare touchpoints and being prepared for the future. We want families and caregivers to be empowered to care.


Dr Donald Poon is an experienced medical oncologist with special interest in geriatrics and elderly care.


A/Prof Aaron Ang is an experienced psychiatrist specialising in dementia and psychiatric conditions affecting the elderly.


Dr Choo Wei Chieh, is a well established homecare physician who understands the needs of home care patients and caregivers very well.

How We Can Help

Transitional Care

Hospitalization often signals instability in a patient's condition. This often requires changes in the way patients and their families manage at home after discharge from hospital.

Due to the changes in the patient's medical condition, care needs, etc. this is a highly stressful situation. Ninkatec can help to monitor patients' health after discharge and coordinate the care needed at home.

  • Change in function after stroke, requiring tube feeding and nursing care
  • Decompensation after hospitalization, requiring therapy and monitoring medications
Palliative Care

End of life care at home to manage symptoms and relieve suffering is a preferred option for some patients. This presents many challenges to patients and their families, and supporting them at home can be very helpful.

Monitoring symptoms like pain or breathlessness, titrating medications and engaging nursing care are some ways that Ninkatec can help.

  • Terminal care for cancer
  • End-stage kidney disease
Chronic Care

For many chronic diseases, patients' conditions are often quite stable, experiencing occasional bouts of acute illnesses. During the stable phase of care, close monitoring of health status may pre-empt or warn about impending changes in the disease conditions.

Ninkatec can help to monitor disease conditions so that we may detect deterioration of patients' health status. Depending on severity of acute illnesses, some conditions can be treated at home. Ninkatec can help to coordinate the care and monitor progress of treatment.

  • Parkinson's disease and swallowing impairment
  • Chronic stroke and recurrent chest infections
Dementia Care

Dementia care is challenging because patients cannot properly explain their symptoms; behavioural and sleep problems can also make care for patients difficult.

Ninkatec can help to monitor these symptoms and offer appropriate advice.


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