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Care At Home
We are committed to do our best in providing care for patients so that they can remain right at home.
Patient - Centred
As clinicians, patients' well-being and the care they receive are our primary focus. We use technology to facilitate how we care for a person and to personalize medical solutions to meet individual needs.
Collaborative &
Comprehensive Care
We collaborate with our network of clinical providers to provide holistic care for our patients. We recognize our partners' skills and expertise in their own areas of specialisation, and tap into them to provide patients the most benefit.

About Us

Ninkatec provides personalised and cost-effective healthcare solutions for you in the comfort of your own home.

Guided by a patient-first approach, we leverage on cutting-edge technology and specialised clinical expertise to administer care so you can have a peace of mind.

Together with our established allied health partners, we offer an array of services round the clock and are ready to attend to you whenever you need us.

At Ninkatec, we work so you can live meaningfully right at home.
Cutting Edge Technology
Clinical Expertise
Personalized Home Care

Our Services

  • Transitional Care

    Hospitalization often signals instability in a patient's condition. This often requires changes in the way patients and their families manage at home after discharge from hospital.

    Due to the changes in the patient's medical condition, care needs, etc. this is a highly stressful situation. Ninkatec can help to monitor patients' health after discharge and coordinate the care needed at home.

    ● Change in function after stroke, requiring tube feeding and nursing care
    ● Decompensation after hospitalization, requiring therapy and monitoring medications

  • Palliative Care

    End of life care at home to manage symptoms and relieve suffering is a preferred option for some patients. This presents many challenges to patients and their families, and supporting them at home can be very helpful.

    Monitoring symptoms like pain or breathlessness, titrating medications, and engaging nursing care are some ways that Ninkatec can help.

    ● Terminal care for cancer
    ● End-stage kidney disease
  • Nursing Care

    Your loved ones might require regular nursing care at home such as changing catheter bags, changing feeding tubes, or IV infusion in the comfort of your home. Ninkatec's experienced in-house nurse team is here to help you.
  • Chronic Care

    For many chronic diseases, patients' conditions are often stable, experiencing occasional bouts of acute illnesses. During the stable phase of care, close monitoring of health status may preempt or warn about impending changes in the disease conditions.

    Ninkatec can help to monitor disease conditions so that we may detect deterioration of patients' health status. Depending on the severity of acute illnesses, some conditions can be treated at home. Ninkatec can help to coordinate the care and monitor progress of treatment.

    ● Parkinson's disease and swallowing impairment
    ● Chronic stroke and recurrent chest infections
  • Dementia Care

    Dementia care is challenging because patients cannot properly explain their symptoms; behavioural and sleep problems can also make care for patients difficult.

    Ninkatec can help to monitor these symptoms and offer appropriate advice.
  • Care Coordination

    Many patients have medical problems which are complex, requiring attention from multiple medical specialists and service providers. Ninkatec offers care coordination where we synchronize the delivery of healthcare to improve outcomes. 

    Through technology, we establish a link between patients and our team, and keep an open channel of communication with the patient’s family. In addition, our medical and health partners hail from diverse backgrounds, and together we seek to build a strong relationship with our patients and journey together to discover their care needs.

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Ninkatec also operates in-clinic GP services under Charazoi Medical Clinic, and caregiver services under Comfort Keepers Singapore. Visit our sister websites to find out more.

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