Ninkatec brings the wonder of medical technology to the comfort of your home. Our Care Plans are designed for patients who wish to be cared for at home without sacrificing access to doctors and nurses. We take time to understand your health conditions and recommend the most suitable care plan to you. Empowered by medical technology, you can enjoy real-time tracking of vital signs and easy 24/7 access to doctors and nurses support via online chat from just $4/day.

Ninkatec Care Plans

Virtual Care

An elementary monitoring solution for active patients who require minimal supervision such as those with dementia, cancer, stroke or other conditions. Our care plan gives them the assurance that a teleconsultation with online clinicians for assessments and guidance is always at hand.

Services include:

24-hour online chat & hotline
Real-time monitoring of vitals
Monthly subscription

Right At Home

Ninkatec provides home care solutions for chronically ill patients suffering from heart failure, cancer, dementia or other ailments. The package includes regular doctor visits as well as continued support online. We also offer care coordination of services such as medical medication delivery, caregiving and physiotherapy. Such coordinated services along with continuous monitoring through technological and medical support allow patients to stay safely in the comfort of their homes.

Services include:

24-hour online chat & hotline
Real-time monitoring of vitals
Monthly doctor’s home visits
Monthly subscription

Close Connect

Acute care solutions offered for critical conditions, post-discharge transitional care or post-surgery recovery. With daily clinical reviews, nurse visits and live 24/7 monitoring, patients and caregivers can enjoy a safe and comfortable recovery at home. Loved ones of patients can also ask questions from an on-call team of clinical experts so patients can fully benefit from medical advice at any given time.

Services include:

24-hour online chat & hotline
Real-time monitoring of vitals
Daily nurse home visits
Weekly subscription
Note: Suitability and plan recommendation is subject to assessment of the patient's condition by Ninkatec doctors.

Benefits of Ninkatec Care Plans

Peace of mind

Knowing that you are cared for around the clock by healthcare professionals.

Real time monitoring

As an example, stroke and cancer patients often have infections during home care. Infections might be hidden and unnoticed. However, with vital sign monitoring, we can pick up the signals with the rise in patient's heart rate.

Easy 24/7 access to healthcare

When infection is detected, patients and families might have questions such as "Is this infection severe?", "Do we need to send the patient to hospital?", or "Can we treat the infection at home with antibiotics? If so, how and where can we get the antibiotics?" Ninkatec doctors and nurses can advise patients via teleconsultation or visit patients’ home in the event of emergency.

Within the comfort of your own home

Avoid the hassle to travel and reduce unnecessary risks associated with traveling out of home. Avoid waiting in queues for routine check-up when no abnormalities are observed.


Powered by the latest medical technology, your loved one can now be cared for around the clock with cost from just $4/day (subject to GST).

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