What is RootiRx?

RootiRx is a heart-monitoring device that you can comfortably wear while carrying out your daily activities to help doctors make accurate long-term assessments of your cardiac health. Attached to your chest as a wearable device, it records clinical grade single-lead ECGs continuously wherever you are. RootiRx makes heart monitoring simple and comfortable by eliminating the complexity and discomfort of a traditional ECG measurement equipment.

Easy to set up and convenient to wear, RootiRx is recommended to be worn for up to seven days, even while you sleep. Such regular and frequent monitoring of your heart may help detect any abnormalities that require further investigation by your Doctor. Capturing an event or discomfort at a specific time is as simple as pressing a button.
Using RootiRx, Doctors and clinics can readily take advantage of RootiCare, an innovative platform that abstracts clinical-grade biometrics from the ECG signal collected by RootiRx. It uses deep learning to give insights derived from thousands of clinical cases.The data received then supplement your Doctor with valuable information which may aid in the diagnosis of cardiac conditions.

Benefits of RootiRx:

• 24/7 monitoring of ECG signals, even when the user is asleep.
• Identification of irregular heartbeats, aiding in early diagnosis of heart conditions.
• Design with utmost comfort in mind: 14 grams in weight, wireless, waterproof, sweat-proof, discreet and convenient.

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