Transitional Care

Transitional Care, essentially involves having a patient move from one care setting (e.g. hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility) to another. Given also the growing ageing population and complexity of medical conditions, patients are often faced with frequent rehospitalisation due to multiple reasons, such as lack of confidence, knowledge and support regarding performing self-care and identify worsening symptoms.

In Ninkatec, we focus on having patients discharged to their homes, while ensuring care continuity and enhancement of quality of life. Before patient’s discharge, Ninkatec Team can follow up with patient and family with regards to management of care post discharge:

  • Helps family and caregivers to be more confident in caring for patients at home
  • Ensure smooth transition and continuity of care in between hospital visits
  • Provision of medical, nursing, allied health support at the comforts of patient’s homes

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