Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I decide between assisted living facility and home care?
  • Cost is usually a cause of concern: In Singapore, nursing home rates range from $1200 to $4500 per month. Cost varies according to location, facilities available in the home, room type, as well as subsidies available based on means testing. Home care, on the other hand, is often thought of to be even more expensive. However, comparison between nursing homes and aging in place shows that the latter is usually more affordable depending on the care received at home.
  • Considering patient’s wishes: A study, commissioned by Lien Foundation, found that 78% of elderly prefer aging in place as compared to entering assisted living facilities. The same study also indicated a strong preference for home care due to feelings of dignity and desire for privacy which are usually compromised in nursing homes. It is important to consider and respect the patient’s preferences when choosing between assisted living and home care.
  • Help at home: Many choose assisted living facilities over homecare not because they need medical support but because they need personal assistance in tasks like bathing and using the toilet. At Ninkatec, we strive to design an all-rounded solution to empower caregivers to care for their loved ones right at home. We work closely with our partners to bring in reliable foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to help out with caregiving needs. To ensure that the helpers are able to fulfill their caregiving duties, Ninkatec will also conduct specified trainings to equip them with skills to suit patients’ needs.
2What technological devices does Ninkatec use to monitor patients?
  • Depending on the medical condition of each patient, Ninkatec will design a personalized solution to suit different needs.
  • Ninkatec uses a variety of monitoring devices to collect physiological data such as heart rate, breath rate, sleep cycle, and activity levels in the home.
    • Motion sensors – Mounted on walls, the activity sensors are small and non-intrusive. The PIR sensors detect motion using infrared, providing the patient and family with the utmost privacy. This system is integrated with AI that studies and analyses the data collected continuously, hence it is able to pre-empt an abnormality.
    • Panic button – Patient will be equipped with a handy panic button to use at home. When the patient presses the panic button, the system will alert the Ninkatec call centre or caregivers to take necessary actions.
    • Smart mat – Flat and slim, the smart mat is an unobtrusive way to monitor patient’s heart rate and breath rate when lying in bed. The device tracks long term patterns of the patient’s vital signs. A slight change in the trend can signal a possible medical crisis, allowing early diagnosis and intervention.
    • GPS Tracker/Fall Detector – A SIM card enabled device that is small and mobile. Its functions include location tracking, fall detecting, geofencing, two-way communicating, SOS-button to alert emergency contact.
3What kind of medical response can I expect from the Ninkatec team?
Depending on the trigger factor, Ninkatec will assess the situation and coordinate the appropriate response to address the specific medical issue. In times of medical emergency, Ninkatec will call for an ambulance and paramedics to attend to the patient. In less urgent scenarios, medical responses can be in the form of a doctor or nurse visit to the patient’s home, or it could also be a phone call from a doctor providing clinical advices to caregivers.
4What are the available nursing services?
  • Wound care
  • NGT insertion
  • Urinary Catheterization
  • Caregiver training/reinforcement on handling the elderly
5How do I sign up for this service?
  • Ninkatec’s services are subscription-based
  • Write to us at or call us at 8833 2501 to find out more about our Right at Home Plan and Home Plus Plan
6Can the data collected be shared with the patient’s specialist-in-charge?
Yes. Data collected from continuous monitoring provides clinicians with a better understanding of patients’ medical conditions.
7How can Ninkatec’s services benefit me?
  • Gain access to experienced doctors and team of nurses who can provide medical services and advice at anytime
  • Security and assurance that response teams are on standby to attend to any medical emergency at home
  • Pre-empt potential medical crises and avoid hospital readmissions
  • Home care is now a viable option, allowing us to respect the wishes of patients who prefer aging in place