Stroke Care
After Stroke Care at Home: How Palliative Care can Help

Ninkatec’s Palliative Care Guide for Stroke covers the common long-term effects of strokes, the most critical recovery period in stroke rehabilitation, the role of palliative care in stroke recovery, and how to provide palliative care to stroke patients at home and improve their quality of life. After-stroke care is critical to improve various side effects from stroke, ranging from difficulty speaking and swallowing, weakness and paralysis on one side of body, to changes in behaviours and temperament. Stroke rehab therefore calls for multiple medical specialties, including nursing care for stroke, physiotherapy, speech therapy. With the right care and support, many stroke patients can reclaim their hope and life.

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Palliative Care
Palliative Care & Treatment for Kidney Failure – A General Guide

Kidney failure does not necessarily mean fatality. A lot of kidney failure patients live long fulfilling lives with proper treatment and care. In this article, we discuss treatment and care for kidney failure, with a focus on palliative care. In addition to kidney dialysis or kidney transplant, palliative treatment is an important part of the therapeutic approach to help kidney failure patients maintain and improve their quality of life.

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Cancer Care
General Guide on Palliative Care for Cancer

Palliative treatments for cancer help patients with issues such as pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and more. This general guide to palliative care for cancer discusses different palliative treatments for cancer patients, when to start palliative care, and how to find a good palliative team in Singapore

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