Elderly Care
Elderly’s Nutrition: Golden Rules for the Golden Years

One in two Singaporeans aged 50 and above isn't getting enough protein daily, impacting muscle strength, bone health, and immunity. Discover the golden nutrition rules for your golden years in this article, including general guidelines for a nutritious and healthy diet, how to manage common eating difficulties among the elderly, and the appropriate use of supplements.

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Elderly Care
Loss of Appetite in Elderly: 4 Common Oral & Swallowing Problems and Solutions

How to eat more if chewing is difficult, food tastes bland or mouth feels dry? In this blog post, we discuss common oral conditions in elderlies that can cause loss of appetite, including dry mouth (xerostomia), chewing difficulty, reduced taste, and swallowing difficulty (dysphagia). For each oral and swallowing problems, we detail causes, risk factors, treatments and guidance to remedy it and increase appetite.

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Elderly Care
Loss of Appetite in the Elderly: Causes and Treatment

Aging affects appetite, but loss of appetite is not a natural part of aging. More often, loss of appetite signals underlying conditions that need medical attention. Read our article for what causes loss of appetite in the elderly, treatment for loss of appetite, and guidance on how to increase appetite in elderly adults.

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Elderly Care
Nutrition and Fitness for the Elderly: How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

It is a challenge to maintain healthy diet and keep up with fitness routine during holiday periods, for youngsters and elderlies alike. In this guide, we share useful tips for seniors to indulge in a healthy way and simple exercises to keep fit during holiday seasons.

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