Cancer Care
Diet & Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients

Eating a healthy, nutritious diet during your cancer treatment is crucial to keep your body strong to fight cancer. Besides eating the right food, engaging in physical activity and coping with anxiety and depression also helps to manage cancer-related side effects. Learn top diet tips to support your body heal better from cancer here.

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Elderly Care
Healthy Food Ideas to Boost Appetite for Elderly Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Do you struggle to find food ideas that are holiday-appropriate, nutritious and healthy yet appetizing for the elders as well as the rest of the family? We have 8 ideas to help you plan your upcoming holiday menu that can stimulate the appetite of everyone, especially the elderly with poor appetite. The ideas can also be applied to everyday cooking all year round. Let us dig into it!

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Dementia Care
Nutrition for Dementia Patients: How to Keep Your Loved Ones Nourished

Through declining brain function, dementia can disrupt eating patterns, make patients lose interest in food or develop unhealthy cravings. Read our blog article to understand how dementia affects appetite and learn useful nutrition tips for you to help your loved one with dementia eat better.

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Elderly Care
Top 8 Foods That Increase Appetite and Promote Good Nutrition in Elderly Adults

Decreased appetite is common among elderly individuals. In this guide, we discuss what causes loss of appetite in elderlies and top foods that can help to boost appetite and nutrition for our seniors.

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Elderly Care
Nutrition and Fitness for the Elderly: How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

It is a challenge to maintain healthy diet and keep up with fitness routine during holiday periods, for youngsters and elderlies alike. In this guide, we share useful tips for seniors to indulge in a healthy way and simple exercises to keep fit during holiday seasons.

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Stroke Care
Nutrition and Fitness for Stroke Patients: How Diet and Exercise Support a Stroke Patient’s Recovery

Prioritising exercise and a balanced diet can be a helpful way to deal with stroke at home during recovery. Find out how incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise can influence stroke recovery, and reduce the risk of complications and recurrence for stroke patients.

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