Our certified team of doctors can help with assessments needed for various schemes and grants. Examples of this include:

Lasting power of attorney (LPA)

The LPA is a legal instrument which allows a person who is at least 21 years of age ('donor'), to voluntarily appoint one or more persons ('donee(s)') to make decisions and act on his behalf should he lose mental capacity one day. A donee can be appointed to act in the two broad areas of personal welfare and property & other matters.

Mental capacity assessment (MCA)

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) which was first passed in 2008, introduces the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) so individuals can appoint a “donee” to make decisions on their behalf should they lose mental capacity. For those who have lost mental capacity but have no LPA, the MCA allows someone – such as a family member or friend – to apply to Court to be their deputy to make decisions on their behalf.

Assessment of the donor’s mental capacity should be done when his/her mental capacity is in doubt. It can be made by different people depending on the type of decisions to be made.

Formal assessments are carried out by registered medical practitioners and specialists in mental health, such as psychiatrists, and it is prudent for the donee of an LPA to seek a formal assessment where they have doubts about the person’s capacity especially if the decision the person has to make is an important one or the donee anticipates a dispute over the decision.

Informal assessments are conducted by those without formal training or certification in mental capacity assessments. They are typically the donor’s caregivers. Such assessments are appropriate for most day-to-day decisions, such as whether the donor is able to use the bathroom alone.

Disability assessments (IDAPE and others)

Disability assessments are needed for a variety of applications for caregiver and patient financial support schemes and grants in Singapore. Patients who wish to access various schemes for claims will require an MOH-accredited assessor to obtain an Assessor’s statement. 

Disability assessment in adults are based on six basic activities of daily living (ADL) involving feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, transfers and mobility. Our doctors can carry out the disability assessment in the comfort of a patient's home, bringing savings of time and inconvenience of travelling to a clinic for the assessment.

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