Partners Spotlight

OneCare Medical was started by a group of Family Physicians with a common aim to provide Preventative, Accessible and Professional healthcare to patients and their families. The group has over 20 clinics spread out over Singapore. 

Preventative Healthcare

At OneCare, our team strongly believes that prevention is better than cure. Our doctors aim to provide preventative healthcare by dealing with the prevention of illness to lower the associated effects and risk factors of disease. Not only will our team provide acute treatment for your conditions, we will work with you on making lifestyle changes that could help in preventing illness.

Accessible Healthcare

OneCare clinics are located in all areas of Singapore, which makes us a convenient choice for healthcare services. Whether you're at home, at work, or just commuting at an MRT station, you're sure to find a OneCare clinic nearby. A list of all our locations are available

Professional Healthcare

Medicine is full of complex choices and treatment options. Our team of Family Doctors will try our utmost to enable you to make the best health decisions by striving to listen carefully to your health concerns and addressing them with clear explanations and discussions.

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