Ninkatec showcases ‘Virtual Care’ care plan designed for patients who wish to be cared for at home with access to doctors and nurses

As Singapore’s population ages and healthcare institutions see increased demand to attend to the needs of ailments in elderly patients, there has been a growing need for choices for the elderly to heal in the comfort of their own homes.  Aged-care technology outfit Ninkatec offers a variety of care plans to elderly patients seeking to heal in the familiar surroundings of their homes.  The ‘Virtual Care’ plan allows these patients to have the assurance that a teleconsultation with online clinicians for assessments and guidance is always at hand. Patients can avoid the hassle to travel and wait in queue for consultations and routine check-ups with visits to clinics and hospitals, and this can also reduce unnecessary safety and infection risks associated with traveling out of home. 

‘Virtual Care’ plan collects real time vital signs data for timely intervention

The ‘Virtual Care’ plan is an elementary monitoring solution suitable for patients with dementia, cancer, stroke or other chronic conditions. Patients are remotely monitored by devices that are placed in their homes. An example of this is having sensors affixed to the back of the patient’s bed frame to measure vital signs and movements. Healthcare workers can then begin to collect baseline data in preparation for the real time monitoring of the condition of patients, and information obtained from these devices are fed back to the medical team at Ninkatec, who look through data, trends, various graphs and charts to keep track of the patient’s condition. The installation process for these devices is straightforward, simple, non-intrusive and requires little time to install. Once the device is put in place, and the verification of the data feed and calibration of the device is complete, Ninkatec’s team of experienced staff are able to obtain readings such as the patient’s respiratory rate and heart rate, and any movements made by the patient in the bed, through forces that are transmitted to the device. This real time monitoring can be useful in cases such as stroke, cancer, and chronically ill patients who often suffer from infections or other acute events when they receive care in their homes. 

In the course of obtaining the data feed and associated information from these devices, only the team at Ninkatec will screen through and access the data, so as not to cause undue and unnecessary anxiety to the family members and caregivers of the patient. Understandably, patients and families may have concerns and questions with regard to the status of their condition, or the medication they may require for their course of treatments.  Ninkatec can address these concerns, via teleconsultation with doctors and nurses or via visits to the patient’s home in the event of an emergency.  In the course of monitoring, should there be an abnormal heart rate in chart and data readings for a period of an hour or more continuously, medical staff will then receive an alert immediately. From there, the medical team at Ninkatec will then assess the situation and decide if it is necessary to highlight the event to the family members and caregivers of the elderly patient. At the same time, Ninkatec can also send a staff to visit the patient in the home, so as to check on the condition of the patient in person and further monitor the situation to decide on any other course of action that needs to be taken. This service offers peace of mind to patients, families and caregivers knowing that the patient is cared for around the clock by healthcare professionals.

Benefits of ‘Virtual Care’ plans

For some families, such a service provides reassurance to themselves as they care for the well-being of their loved ones. Said Ninkatec co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, “Ninkatec has always positioned itself with the patient’s care and well-being as priority, and we seek to bring technology in as we see this as helpful in facilitating the efficiency and accuracy of care offered to elderly patients that seek treatments in the comfort of their own homes. In the near future, we look forward to more services that we can offer, and are already working with artificial intelligence companies to build algorithms using data that we have collected over the past year to predict when a patient’s condition will worsen and when more care is needed.”

Watch Dr Choo Wei Chieh in action on Mediacorp’s Channel 8 as he offers reporter Lee Zheng Yi in the Hello Singapore segment 《科技一点通》 a glimpse of how Ninkatec carries out its real time monitoring service for its ‘Virtual Care’ plan. Video Source : Mediacorp 8World Singapore Press Holdings. Permission required for reproduction [Timestamp 34:57]

About Ninkatec

Ninkatec offers personalised and cost-effective healthcare solutions for elderly patients to “live meaningfully” at home through the appropriate use of clinical expertise and technology. Ninkatec is guided by a patient-first approach to care, with the patient’s well-being placed at first priority. Non-intrusive continuous monitoring solutions collect clinical data, and an appropriate level of care is then provided to patients when medical response is required.  Long-term care for your loved ones is made easier ‘right at home’ and patients can enjoy a peace of mind and live fulfilling lives. Ninkatec’s allied healthcare partners also bring an array of services ranging from general consultations to specialised prognoses, as well as health screenings, vaccinations to facilitate patients ageing in place, as well as other relevant medical assessments. Ninkatec is helmed by co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, a veteran in the industry, who has had more than a decade of experience in medtech and offering medical services for patients in the home setting, and is adept at combining IT expertise with his in-depth clinical knowledge to build customized solutions in healthcare.  For more information, please visit the website at

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