Ninkatec and Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services combine efforts to launch home care services targeted at elderly patients

Ninkatec launches heart care services at home in partnership with Sunrise General Medical & Heart Services, empowering elderlies to care for chronic heart conditions right at home.

Health home care technology solutions front-runner Ninkatec Pte Ltd and heartland cardiovascular specialist Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services have an exciting tie-up that will see them work together to provide services to patients that require appropriate heart and general medical services to those who choose to heal at home.

Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services is a new neighbourhood heart clinic that was started by consultant cardiologist and internist Dr Woo Jia Wei. Dr Woo trained in adult internal medicine and cardiology with the National University Hospital where he was accredited as a cardiologist. The accomplished specialist has a string of accolades to his name which include local and overseas recognitions, invitations to be a guest speaker at several International cardiology and medical conferences, and he has also been published in, and appraised several International peer-reviewed journals. Embodying the mindset that proper lifestyle measures and management of cardiac risk factors can prevent cardiac events, Dr Woo hopes to provide affordable and accessible specialist cardiovascular and general adult medical care in the heartlands through his new clinic. Partnering with Ninkatec can enhance these operations through the use of technology and digital solutions.

As society progresses and we face an ageing demographic, Ninkatec Pte Ltd sees an increasing demand in its role as a technologically enhanced home healthcare provider, as more elderly patients realise the value of healing in familiar surroundings right at home. The advantages of this also extend to their families, and caregivers as they are able to enjoy a peace of mind that their loved ones are supported with expert care in the comfort of their homes. Apart from the experienced team of doctors and nurses at Ninkatec, there is also an extended network of allied healthcare professionals that hail from various medical specialities that patients can reach out and be accessible to, and this can be useful to bring the much needed range of care to the patient in one place - the home.  

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in Singapore

According to statistics from the Singapore Heart Foundation, seventeen people die from cardiovascular disease (heart diseases and stroke) daily in Singapore, which means cardiovascular disease (such as heart diseases or stroke) accounted for 29.3% of all deaths in 2019. As we age, changes in our heart health and our blood vessels also evolve, and with the increased prevalence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, this has become one of the leading causes of illness and death in Singapore. Ninkatec's care plans are solutions that offer elderly patients that have health limitations to be empowered to rehabilitate and recover with peace of mind in the familiar surroundings of their homes. In addition, digital healthcare transformation can provide these elderly patients, families and their caregivers with support, as well as monetary and time savings, safety and convenience.

The Need for Home Care Solutions for Chronic Heart Conditions

Said Ninkatec Pte Ltd co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, "In the first of its kind local collaboration, Ninkatec excitedly anticipates the numerous avenues and possibilities that can arise from working together with Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services. Many of the patients that we encounter in our care often have more than one condition that needs attention, and often one of the more common diseases encountered in patients is related to cardiovascular disease. With the option for patients to choose to seek treatment for heart related conditions, this elevates the level of service that Ninkatec can offer to clients, as we continue to seek to provide quality holistic care to patients right at home.”

Said Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services’ Dr Woo Jia Wei, “Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services sees plenty of potential working together with Ninkatec to bring cardiovascular treatments and monitoring into the homes of elderly patients, shifting the concept of elderly care from the hospital to the home. As Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services looks to grow our allied network in the community and beyond, we are confident that Ninkatec’s medtech solutions and care plans will offer the support for this to happen, and even grow and progress in maiden approaches toward rehabilitation and recovery.”

About Ninkatec

Ninkatec Pte Ltd offers personalised and cost-effective healthcare solutions for elderly patients to “live meaningfully” at home through the appropriate use of clinical expertise and technology. Ninkatec is guided by a patient-first approach to care, with the patient's well-being placed at first priority. Non-intrusive continuous monitoring solutions collect clinical data, and an appropriate level of care is then provided to patients when medical response is required.  Long-term care for your loved ones is made easier 'right at home' and patients can enjoy a peace of mind and live fulfilling lives. Ninkatec's allied healthcare partners also bring an array of services ranging from general consultations to specialised prognoses, as well as health screenings, vaccinations to facilitate patients ageing in place, as well as other relevant medical assessments. Ninkatec is helmed by co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, a veteran in the industry, who has had more than a decade of experience in medtech and offering medical services for patients in the home setting, and is adept at combining IT expertise with his in-depth clinical knowledge to build customized solutions in healthcare.  For more information, please visit the website at

About Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services

Nestled in the heart of Sembawang, Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services is opened by Internist and Cardiologist Dr Woo Jia Wei, and the clinic seeks to provide affordable and accessible specialist cardiovascular and general adult medical care in the heartlands. The clinic offers a variety of heart related health services such as cardiac investigations (through the use of various devices such as treadmill ECG, echocardiography, 24 hour Holter ECG monitoring and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring); heart screening and preventive cardiology (through various screening packages and prevention strategies); chronic cardiac condition management (for conditions such as atrial fibrillation, valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease and heart failure) and symptom evaluation (such as chest pains, shortness of breath, palpitations, and leg swellings).  For more information, please visit the website at

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