Ninkatec and OneCare Medical Clinic launch home care service for patients

Home healthcare technology solutions provider Ninkatec Pte Ltd and healthcare provider OneCare Medical will collaborate to offer home care services and personalized home-based healthcare solutions for elderly patients. These services are wide-ranging, and include medical and nursing home visits, procedures and other treatments. OneCare Medical’s team embodies a goal to provide Preventative, Accessible and Professional healthcare to patients and their families. Aside from providing acute treatments for a variety of patient conditions, OneCare Medical’s teams also work with patients on making lifestyle changes that could help in preventing illness, and will listen to health concerns and address them with clear explanations and discussions in order to make the best health decisions for the patient.  OneCare Medical offers a full wide- ranging suite of healthcare services. Apart from managing a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions, OneCare Medical also offers various selections of health screenings and other procedures that may be needed for various assessments, medical examinations and check-ups. In addition, the team is adept at providing urgent care, for conditions that are not life-threatening but should be taken care of within the same day. Examples of these include ailments such as cuts, fractures, burns, insect or animal bites, asthma attacks, sprains and other possible medical conditions. Many of the elderly are at a higher risk of being susceptible to these conditions, as aged individuals can be prone to falling, and are more susceptible to other related injuries arising from the fall, such as hip and spine fractures.

Ninkatec – OneCare Medical Partnership Makes Healthcare Accessible Beyond Clinic’s Walls

Ninkatec combines customised technology with traditional medical practice, to bring about services that provide patients, families, as well as their caregivers peace of mind. Ninkatec’s team of doctors provide timely attention and can administer appropriate medical management. This niche arrangement can potentially reduce the need for hospitalisation whilst ensuring that the elderly receive the care they require, and this brings about benefits of convenience, time and safety. Nurses too can help with specialised nursing care, nursing procedures, as well as medication management in the comfort of home so that loved ones can focus on recovery with ease of mind. 

With a robust and reliable monitoring system in place, caregivers and family members can enjoy some respite from their duties. Ninkatec’s technology allows for dependable continuous monitoring that can help to relieve the strain on family members and caregivers, alongside other intangible benefits such as saving in time and convenience.  At the same time, caregivers can still choose the usual services that they would have had to bring the patients for at clinics with Ninkatec’s collaboration with OneCare Medical to provide a wide range of medical services.

The expansion of primary care services from the clinic to the abode is a revolutionary step forward in this technological era, where digital transformation and the rapid acceleration of novel healthcare innovations assist to improve patient wellbeing. In addition, patients and caregivers who may face mobility and time limitations can enjoy the benefit of convenience receiving these services in the comfort of their residences, as well as lowering their risk of exposure to infection.

Said Ninkatec co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, “Ninkatec’s collaboration with OneCare Medical is in line with the move to make available medical services to patients who prefer to receive these in the comfort of their homes. Medical services carried out in homes transcend traditional practices of having to physically visit medical institutions to receive these treatments, and the benefits of getting treatments at home can come in the form of tangible savings, as well as intangible gains such as convenience, peace of mind and safety.”

Said OneCare Medical Director, and co-founder Dr Kenneth Koh, “OneCare Medical constantly seeks to offer preventive healthcare, convenient service-provision and holistic wellness to patients. By moving beyond the boundaries of the physical walls of our clinics, we can extend our reach into homes of more patients and their families, increasing the number of treatments that we can offer.  Our collaboration with Ninkatec is synergistic for both companies and allows flexibility of choice for patients as the end-user.”

About Ninkatec

Ninkatec Pte Ltd offers personalised and cost-effective healthcare solutions for elderly patients to “live meaningfully” at home through the appropriate use of clinical expertise and technology. Ninkatec is guided by a patient-first approach to care, with the patient’s well-being placed at first priority. Non-intrusive continuous monitoring solutions collect clinical data, and an appropriate level of care is then provided to patients when medical response is required.  Long-term care for your loved ones is made easier ‘right at home’ and patients can enjoy a peace of mind and live fulfilling lives. Ninkatec’s allied healthcare partners also bring an array of services ranging from general consultations to specialised prognoses, as well as health screenings, vaccinations to facilitate patients ageing in place, as well as other relevant medical assessments. Ninkatec is helmed by co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, who has had more than a decade of experience in medtech and offering medical services for patients in the home setting, and is adept at combining IT expertise with his in-depth clinical knowledge to build customized solutions in healthcare.  For more information, please visit the website at

About OneCare Medical

OneCare Medical was started by a group of Family Physicians with a common aim to provide Preventative, Accessible and Professional healthcare to patients and their families. The group has over 20 clinics spread out over Singapore, making their clinics a convenient choice for healthcare services. Clinics too allow continuity of care between various healthcare institutions in Singapore through Singapore National Electronic Healthcare Record (NEHR) network. For more information, please visit the website at

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