Ninkatec and Mayfair Medical partner on home care services for patients

A new collaboration between technological home healthcare provider Ninkatec Pte Ltd and local general practice Mayfair Medical will see a partnership where elderly patients can seek care in the comfort of their homes,  as they enjoy Mayfair Medical's suite of affordable, quality medical treatments, and leverage Ninkatec's homecare technology as well. The combination adds service offerings on Ninkatec's allied healthcare network as well as Mayfair Medical’s existing suite of services, furnishing a comprehensive and holistic option designed to support the elderly as they continue to age in the comfort of their homes. Services offered include acute medical consultation for both general health checks as well as specified issues, home vaccinations for the patient as well as the family, chronic disease management, personal care, as well as a variety of assessments needed for various schemes and grants. 

Providing Long Term Care at Home for the Ageing Population

Local statistics have shown that by 2030, about one in five Singaporean residents would be 65 years or older and local life expectancies have also been on the increase steadily. (Source: Department of Statistics). With our social and healthcare needs of the aged constantly changing and increasing in demand, Singapore’s society seeks a greater need for social support, as our elderly face a greater risk of social isolation. Healthcare needs are also constantly evolving, with more demand for more hospital visits and longer stays, and conditions endured by patients being more chronic and complex, and requiring long term care needs to address them. With social and healthcare needs getting increasingly intertwined, more options for aging in place is required, and this has seen an increase in the demand for appropriate and greater selection of medical services to be administered to patients in their homes. 

Making Mayfair Medical’s comprehensive selection of services available beyond the confines of the walls of the clinic and brought into residences presents an excellent option for the elderly who prefer to seek treatments that they require in their abode, rather than having to make a trip to the hospital, which may present mobility challenges, as well as increase the risk of infection.

Along with such offerings, there needs to be medical technology to remotely monitor elderly patients’ conditions as they heal in their homes, especially in cases where patients require intermediate to long-term care services. Ninkatec provides such services that deliver accuracy, reliability and dependency, and this will give patients, families and their caregivers a peace of mind. This also allows doctors to provide timely and pre-emptive prevention of medical crises, potentially reducing the need for hospitalisation whilst ensuring that the elderly receive the care they require. Nurses too can help with specialised nursing care, nursing procedures, as well as medication management in the comfort of home so that loved ones can focus on recovery.

Another group of beneficiaries to such arrangements are caregivers, who can enjoy some respite from their duties. Ninkatec’s technology allows for continuous and reliable monitoring that can help to relieve the strain on family members and caregivers, alongside other intangible benefits such as saving in time and convenience.  At the same time, caregivers can still choose the usual services that they would have had to bring the patients for at clinics, since they can choose to have Mayfair Medical administer them in the home setting instead.

Said Ninkatec co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, "The Internet of Things (IoT) allows new capacities of how we get care and stay well, and technology empowers us to take control of our health and how we engage with healthcare infrastructure. Our partnership with Mayfair Medical can translate to more health-related technology supporting traditional medical services, and this will particularly benefit those who heal in a homecare setting.”

Said Mayfair Medical’s Dr Jipson Quah, "Mayfair Medical aims to deliver practical and effective medical treatments that can minimise unnecessary hospital visits and expenses. Partnering Ninkatec to bring services into the homes of patients is in line with our goal to see patients receive treatments and get on the road to speedy recovery, achieving optimal health and performance."

About Ninkatec

Ninkatec Pte Ltd offers personalised and cost-effective healthcare solutions for elderly patients to “live meaningfully” at home through the appropriate use of clinical expertise and technology. Ninkatec is guided by a patient-first approach to care, with the patient's well-being placed at first priority. Non-intrusive continuous monitoring solutions collect clinical data, and an appropriate level of care is then provided to patients when medical response is required.  Long-term care for your loved ones is made easier 'right at home' and patients can enjoy a peace of mind and live fulfilling lives. Ninkatec's allied healthcare partners also bring an array of services ranging from general consultations to specialised prognoses, as well as health screenings, vaccinations to facilitate patients ageing in place, as well as other relevant medical assessments. Ninkatec is helmed by co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, who has had more than a decade of experience in medtech and offering medical services for patients in the home setting, and is adept at combining IT expertise with his in-depth clinical knowledge to build customized solutions in healthcare.  For more information, please visit the website at

About Mayfair Medical

Mayfair Medical is a general practice with multiple specialty interests, that provides quality medical services for the community. ​In addition to general practice services, specialty services in pathology, aesthetics and sports medicine are also available, as well as minor surgical and non-surgical services. Mayfair Medical's goal is to help our patients to achieve their optimal health and performance, and their team is dedicated to striving for service excellence from administration to the after-sales service that follows. Mayfair Medical’s Dr Jipson Quah enjoys treating both medical and surgical problems, while also focusing on the holistic wellness of the patient, and is an attentive general practitioner, as well as a skilled pianist. For more information, please visit the website at

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