Ninkatec and Ko Family Clinic to work together to offer home care services for patients

Home medtech healthcare provider Ninkatec Pte Ltd and Ko Family Clinic will work together to offer a range of home care services to patients who wish to heal in a home setting. Ko Family Clinic offers wide ranging general medical services that include services that treat the elderly. Their services also cover chronic medical care, for long-term disease implications arising from persistent conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Ko Family Clinic also offers health screening, various vaccination selections, and medical examinations for various assessments needed for various schemes and grants. Ko Family Clinic’s collaboration with Ninkatec Pte Ltd will see these services being brought into residences so that elderly patients can enjoy them in the comfort of their homes. In addition, Ninkatec can provide digital and technological support and hence enhance some of these services, such that the patients can benefit from these service offerings to a more pronounced degree. In addition, patients can also leverage off  Ninkatec's allied healthcare network that furnishes comprehensive and holistic options designed to support the elderly as they continue to age in the comfort of their homes. 

Ninkatec and Ko Family Clinic Partnership Aims to Provide Holistic & Integrated Care for the Elderly

Singapore’s population moves forward toward one which will see more aged Singapore residents, and with improved nutrition and lifestyles, health expectancies too are set to increase. As such, there is an increasing demand for healthcare services for the elderly both for acute, critical and chronic conditions, as well as medical services that serve to monitor and maintain their good health. Our growing population can also mean that hospitals become more crowded and bed-spaces come in high demand. In line with the integrated approach in eldercare set by Committee on Ageing, moving patients to recover and heal in the home setting presents many advantages as it can reduce the need for in-hospital stays, and allows patients the comfort of familiar surroundings, which is advantageous toward boosting the  morale of the patient. Beyond that, there are savings of time and convenience for the patient, caregivers and family members since they need not make physical trips out, especially where mobility of these patients may pose a challenge. Other intangible benefits include reduced exposure to possible infection, and the ease of administering these services with minimum disruption to the patient’s rest.   

Having digitalisation to support medical services and procedures is a natural step in modern medical advancements, especially in the current age of the Internet of Things (IoT). Ninkatec’s clever employment of technology to support and monitor elderly patients’ conditions as they heal in their homes is especially apt in this day and age, and particularly beneficial  in cases where patients require intermediate to long-term care services . Ninkatec provides such services that deliver accuracy, reliability and dependency, and this will give patients, families and their caregivers a peace of mind. In addition, such technological monitoring allows doctors to provide timely and preemptive prevention of medical crises, potentially reducing the need for hospitalisation whilst ensuring that the elderly receive the care they require. Specialised nursing care is also administered by nurses who are experienced in procedures that aid the elderly, as well as medication management in the comfort of home so that loved ones can focus on recovery.

Aside from patient benefits, their families and caregivers too will  enjoy respite from such an arrangement where services can be brought to the doorstep of their homes. Ninkatec’s technology allows for continuous and reliable monitoring that can help  to relieve the strain on family members and caregivers, alongside other intangible benefits such as saving in time and convenience.  Caregivers and family members will still be able to enjoy the usual services that they would have had to see if they had to physically bring patients to clinics, since they can now choose to enjoy these in the  comfort of their homes instead.

Said Ninkatec Pte Ltd co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, "In the current age of digitisation, the pairing of technology with medicine presents a plethora of new opportunities and capacities of how we can heal better and enjoy holistic recovery in the comfort of patients’ homes. Partnering with Ko Family Clinic can bring about greater collaborations with regard to health-related technology coupling medical services offered at clinics, for patients who choose to heal right at homes.”

Said Ko Family Clinic’s Dr Gregory Ko, "The Ko Family Clinic has always held focus to supporting family units and loved ones live fulfilling lives, through appropriate health care services for illnesses, conditions and general health maintenance. Partnering Ninkatec can thus bring these healthcare services into homes and benefit patients and families in a multitude of ways, and this means a holistic recovery journey for these patients."

About Ninkatec

Ninkatec Pte Ltd offers personalised and cost-effective healthcare solutions for elderly patients to “live meaningfully” at home through the appropriate use of clinical expertise and technology. Ninkatec is guided by a patient-first approach to care, with the patient's well-being placed at first priority. Non-intrusive continuous monitoring solutions collect clinical data, and an appropriate level of care is then provided to patients when medical response is required.  Long-term care for your loved ones is made easier 'right at home' and patients can enjoy a peace of mind and live fulfilling lives. Ninkatec's allied healthcare partners also bring an array of services ranging from general consultations to specialised prognoses, as well as health screenings, vaccinations to facilitate patients ageing in place, as well as other relevant medical assessments. Ninkatec is helmed by co-founder Dr Choo Wei Chieh, who has had more than a decade of experience in medtech and offering medical services for patients in the home setting, and is adept at combining IT expertise with his in-depth clinical knowledge to build customized solutions in healthcare.  For more information, please visit the website at

About Ko Family Clinic

Ko Family Clinic is a local general practice that provides medical services for the whole family from young to old. In addition, they also offer health screening, various vaccination procedures, as well as chronic medical care programs. Ko Family Clinic’s interest lies in helping families from all walks of life in the community to enjoy good health. Located at Upper Boon Keng Road, Ko Family Clinic was first started in March 2000, and  is a private clinic run by Dr Gregory Ko, who has had a depth of experience practising family medicine and caring for the community. He is also married to his lovely wife of 16 years and is a proud father of  two little girls and twin boys. For more information, please visit the website at

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