Elderly Care
Matters of the Heart - Understand Heart Diseases among Elderlies in Singapore

Senior adults are vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases due to accumulation of damage to the heart from aging and exposure to risk factors over a lifetime. In this article, we discuss the 5 heart conditions that are common among elderly individuals in Singapore, including heart attack, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, and valvular heart disease.

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Stroke Care
Stroke Symptoms: What Are the Early Signs of Stroke?

Time is critical when a stroke happens to minimise the chance of mental and physical disabilities. Read this article to learn the early signs and warning symptoms of a stroke, the long-term effects that stroke patients commonly suffer from, how to prevent a stroke, and how to find home care services for stroke recovery in Singapore.

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Stroke Care
What to do After a Stroke: Treatment & Care Options for the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Stroke can leave individuals physically or cognitively disabled, requiring long-term medical care. In this guide, we discuss stroke treatment and rehabilitation options available and how to care for the specialised needs of stroke patients at home to help them recover. We also cover causes of stroke and types of stroke for a complete picture of the condition.

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Stroke Care
Nutrition and Fitness for Stroke Patients: How Diet and Exercise Support a Stroke Patient’s Recovery

Prioritising exercise and a balanced diet can be a helpful way to deal with stroke at home during recovery. Find out how incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise can influence stroke recovery, and reduce the risk of complications and recurrence for stroke patients.

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Stroke Care
Home Care Guide For Stroke Patients: How To Start Recovering From A Stroke

Dealing with a stroke patient at home requires intensive care and effort. In this home care guide for stroke recovery, we discuss treatments for stroke, after-stroke care and rehabilitation, preventive measures to avoid a recurrent stroke, and stroke support groups and programmes stroke patients and families can tap in. We also cover the causes of stroke, signs and symptoms, and side effects of stroke for a complete understanding of the disease.

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