Dementia Care
Caring for your Dementia Loved One: Tips from Professional Nurses

In this article, Ninkatec registered nurses share 6 practical dementia care tips and tactics to care for dementia parent or loved one at home. Tips include how to talk to a dementia loved one, how to deal with dementia confusion and dementia aggressiveness, and how to get dementia patients to eat, drink or shower. They also explain the roles of a professional nurse vs. a caregiver in dementia care, and advise when to call on professional nursing service while caring for a family member with dementia at home in Singapore.

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Nursing Care
The Gift of Nursing – 5 Misconceptions About Nurses Debunked!

We share 5 misconceptions associated with being a nurse and what it really takes to become a nurse. In a word, it takes heart to care for patients.

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Pressure Sores (Bedsores) Causes, Prevention, Care

Pressure sores or bedsores are common among patients who are bed-ridden or uses wheelchair for long hours. In this guide, we discuss the symptoms, 4 stages of pressure sores, and how to care for pressure sores at home.

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Caregiver’s Guide: Caring for patients with urinary catheter

In this caregiver’s guide, we explain the functions of urinary catheter, steps to care for patient with unriary catheter at home, precautions to watch out for. We also list out situations when you should not interfere but call for professional medical help.

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Enteral nutrition and care of nasogastric tube (NG Tube) in home care patients

Nasogastric tube feeding or NG tube feeding or tube feeding refers to a method of feeding using gastrointestinal track to deliver nutritional supplements directly in to the body. In this caregiver guide, we cover steps to care for patients with tube feeding at home, common complications and how to avoid them.

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