Mental Health
Exploring the Mind: Your Top 10 Questions about Mental Illness and Mental Health

How do we know when we are mentally ill or just stressed? Dr Aaron Ang says there are ways to tell between usual stress and a mental disorder, and a simple practice that takes a few minutes daily can have lasting impact on our mental well-being. Read our interview with Dr Ang for the insightful details!

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Mental Health
Anxiety Disorder and Its Psychological, Physical Consequences

Anxiety disorder is among the most common mental illnesses, and also one of the top disease burdens in Singapore. In this article, we discuss anxiety disorders and how to differentiate between anxiety disorder and regular daily anxiety. You will also learn about the different types of anxiety disorder, its causes, signs and symptoms, treatment, psychological and physical consequences. Read on for tips to manage anxiety disorder in oneself or help a loved one overcome it.

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Mental Health
Mental Health & Heart Health: The Intricate Link

How do heart diseases lead to mental health problems, and vice versa? This article discusses the linkage between mental health and heart conditions, guiding you to recognise the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for both when they are linked.

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Mental Health
How Psychological Intervention Supports Mental Health in Elderly Loved Ones

Untreated mental disorders may impair daily functioning, physical health and create adverse effect on individual's relationship with others. Find out about the symptoms of mental illnesses and factors affecting or causing mental health problems. Although psychological medications are available to regulate mental disorders, they are not for every case and may have side effects. It is important to improve our mental wellness by adopting healthy habits and mentally beneficial techniques.

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Elderly Care
How To Beat Insomnia & Sleep Better: Understanding Causes & Treatment for Lack of Sleep

Long-term lack of sleep, or chronic insomnia, has been linked to impaired coordination, concentration, memory, immunity and higher risk for a number of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases. In this article, we discuss what causes lack of sleep, including underlying conditions insomnia may indicate. Keep reading to learn more about how to diagnose, assess, treat and care for those struggling to sleep better.

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