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Dementia Care
Late-Stage Dementia: What to Expect and How to Manage

In this article, we walk you through the 7 stages of dementia, symptoms of severe stages, treatment and care options for late-stage dementia, how to manage common complications of dementia, and prepare for end-of-life matters when the time comes.

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Elderly Care
Managing Parkinson’s: The Complex Path of Physical and Emotional Resilience

Beyond the visible tremors, people with Parkinson's often have to deal with “invisible” challenges such as pain, digestive problems, sleep issues, and even depression. In this blog article, we discuss the various visible and invisible symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and how caregivers and families can offer care that encourages independence while assuring both emotional and physical support to their loved ones.

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Palliative Care
Palliative Care at Home: Compassionate Support When It Matters Most

Over 70% of seniors in Singapore wish to spend their final days at home, yet government statistics reveal that the same percentage do not have their wish fulfilled. This article delves into the discrepancy between wish and reality and how palliative care can help families honour their loved one's preference for end-of-life care and make these final chapters as peaceful and dignified as possible.

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Elderly Care
Elderly’s Nutrition: Golden Rules for the Golden Years

One in two Singaporeans aged 50 and above isn't getting enough protein daily, impacting muscle strength, bone health, and immunity. Discover the golden nutrition rules for your golden years in this article, including general guidelines for a nutritious and healthy diet, how to manage common eating difficulties among the elderly, and the appropriate use of supplements.

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Elderly Care
8 Ways to Provide Better Home Care for Your Elderly Loved Ones

In this blog post, we discuss 8 ways to provide better home care for a senior loved one, including how to keep your home safe for the elderly, how to talk about financial and legal matters with an ageing parent, what to do to keep a loved one socially active if you don’t have time, and more.

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Mental Health
Exploring the Mind: Your Top 10 Questions about Mental Illness and Mental Health

How do we know when we are mentally ill or just stressed? Dr Aaron Ang says there are ways to tell between usual stress and a mental disorder, and a simple practice that takes a few minutes daily can have lasting impact on our mental well-being. Read our interview with Dr Ang for the insightful details!

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Elderly Care
Home Care or Nursing Home? Explore Your Options (Update 2024)

In this guide, we discuss the benefits and downsides of home care and nursing home, including types of services and accommodations, and average costs of home care vs. nursing home. Learn how ageing in place is growing in preference and how home care service providers can help seniors who choose to do so.

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Nursing Care
Caregiver’s Guide: How to Care for a Stoma at Home

Getting a stoma can be a life-changing decision. A lot of concerns come to mind. Does a stoma bag stink and drive people away? What to do if it leaks? How long will you have to wear it for? Read our essential guide to stoma care at home, put together by Ninkatec professional nurses, for important and practical care tips you or a loved one may need.

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Which Caregiver Financial Support Schemes Are Right For You In Singapore? (Update 2024)

Home care in Singapore could cost a staggering amount of S$3,100 per month. In this article, we guide you through financial assistance schemes for caregivers and care recipients in Singapore, such as Home Caregiving Grant, Caregiver Training Grant, IDAPE, SMF, application processes including means testing and functional assessment.

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